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Our core  “ALWAYS AVAILABLE” range which consists of about 800+ offerings which we carry throughout the year and support our customers, allowing them to purchase what they need and knowing that it can be repeated at any time and “Always Available” with 500-2000m at any time. This is the same as the Italian’s have the Pronto collection. These consist of solids, herringbones, end on ends, twills, oxfords, stripes, checks, linens, stretch etc... These also consist of soft, silky, stretch, easy care, easy to iron, non-iron finishes, knits and Nylon / Spandex performance fabrics. Our Core range will always increase and we will do this every year.  This is perfect for a business that always wants support of their fabrics and can replenish anytime they need to.

We can arrange some samples to be sent to you immediately.


Our China office team develops, produces for brands, department stores, private labels with our customer’s designs, constructions, finishes to achieve target price points that are needed of course with minimums of 800m and above. In this department, we develop yarn dyed, piece dyed, printed, mélange dobbies in various counts, finishes at very competitive prices. We analyze designs / cads and develop many different fabrics for different customers as per their requirements.


We are partnered with great shirt factories in China and in Vietnam that can handle smaller quantity orders in high end formal or casual shirts. Should you need assistance with the manufacturing, we will be happy to work with you.

We will try our very best to give you the most competitive prices and assure you with quality of the fabrics you purchase from us.

Our company believes in a long lasting business relationship where we help the customer and the customer helps us to grow at the same, so we will try to accommodate whatever it is you need.

Client's needs and service is the core attitude within the company and with this as well as the expertise and experience in shirting/garments fabrics, we are able to sustain a niche market share of leaders in the industry.


Ramco is always innovative and have developed:

  • Wrinkle Resistant Fabrics

  • Water Repellent Fabrics

  • 4-way Stretch Fabrics

  • Recycled Polyester

  • Organic Cotton

  • Our Fabrics are BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) certified

  • Environmentally Friendly Fabrics


As we carry inventory in our Hong Kong's Free Trade City warehouses, we are able to deliver immediately and ship to any part of the world.

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